Happy Halloween from Americapes

Since launching the original Americapes American Flag Capes on Amazon in February, we have watched our sales steadily increase, with spikes in sales around certain holidays. So it’s no surprise that with Halloween quickly approaching, we have also seen a steady flow of Halloween orders! In fact, we have been receiving so many orders this month that Americapes are current in the Top 1000 costumes on Amazon!

Americapes Top 1000 Costumes

To recognize this achievement, we wanted to take a minute to suggest an awesome Americape American flag costume idea!

Charlier Kelly Flag Cape
Charlie Kelly (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Just get a Flyers jersey, mullet wig, and hockey stick, throw on your Americape, and you are ready to go!

Are you using your Americape for a Halloween costume or do you have other USA costume ideas? If so, share a picture with us on social media!


-The Americapes Team

(There’s still time to get your Americape American Flag Cape on Amazon!)

Americapes Amazon



Americapes is Expanding!

Today, we are excited to announce that Americapes is expanding our product line!

Americapes started in early 2016 with the original Americape American flag cape. After the tremendous success of our original USA-themed cape, we began to receive requests for all kinds of cape designs. We listened to your requests and today, we are excited to announce two new product lines: State Capes™ and Novelty Capes!

State Capes

State capes will be themed after United States state flags. Our initial offering is the Maryland Flag Cape because, well, Maryland is absolutely crazy about their flag (can you blame them?) We plan on adding many new State Cape options in the coming months until we are able to offer all 50 states. Want to see your State Cape? Let us know!

Maryland Flag Cape

Novelty Capes

Novelty capes are for all other capes that don’t fit into the Americapes® or State Capes™ categories. Out first offering in the Novelty Capes category is a Rainbow Flag Cape that will allow people to display their gay pride at festivals, parades, and more in flag form. We like to call it the Gaype™! Let us know if you have any ideas for other Novelty Capes that we can add to our collection!

Rainbow Flag Cape

Both the State Capes™ and Novelty Capes should be available soon on Amazon!

Keep wearing your Americapes® proudly and don’t forget to share pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

-The Americapes Team

Happy Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day!

We believe that there is no better day to talk about respecting the flag than June 14, Flag Day. Americapes was founded in part to help people respect the flag. We saw people wearing actual Flags of the United States to sporting events, music festivals, and more. However, wearing the actual flag is a violation of the United States Flag Code For more information on this, read our FAQ section. Americapes was founded to help these people keep having fun and displaying their patriotism, without violating the flag code.

Americapes are not, never were, and never will be actual American Flags. The only reason that we advertise them as “American Flag Capes” or just “Flag Capes” is because that is what people are searching for. When people go to Google, they are not searching for “red, white, and blue capes”, “American themed cape”, or “stars and stripes cape”. Instead, they simply search for “American Flag Cape” or “Flag Cape”. We believe that the more people seeing Americapes will result in more respect for the flag. Please help us spread the word on social media!

In the meantime, here is some information about Flag Day:

When is Flag Day?: Flag Day occurs every year on June 14.

What is Flag Day?: Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the Flag of the United States by the Second Continental Congress (occurred on June 14).

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Americapes is all about having a good time and we hope that this Memorial Day is no exception. However, we hope that you can all take a minute away from your beer drinking, boat riding, burger grilling, and Americape wearing to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy these simple pleasures.

-The Americapes Team

Americapes American Flag Capes on Amazon

Americapes American Flag Capes Amazon

We are super excited to announce that Americapes American Flag Capes are now available for purchase on Amazon! Americapes have been selling extremely well in preparation for the summer holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, etc.) and we expect the sales to continue through the summer so that everyone will have their Americape by the time the Olympics roll around in August.

We are also so proud of our 12 perfect reviews for a total rating of 5.0/5.0.

Americapes American Flag Capes Amazon

Some of the reviews are pretty entertaining!

Americapes American Flag Capes Amazon

Of course, you can still purchase your Americape right here on americapes.com!

Check out Americapes on Amazon today: http://www.amazon.com/Americapes-American-Flag-Cape/dp/B0198QR6TO

Introducing the Americapes Brand Ambassador Program

Today we are excited to announce the Americapes Brand Ambassador Program! The purpose of this program is to help expand the brand-new Americapes brand from sea to shining sea. In exchange for snapping a few pictures and telling your friends about Americapes, you can get decked out with some awesome, free swag! The complete details can be found below:

Do you have what it takes to represent Americapes? Of course you do! We are currently looking for some awesome people to become Americapes Brand Ambassadors! As a brand ambassador, you will receive all of the latest and greatest Americapes products completely free (plus some to share with your friends)! Our ideal brand ambassador meets the following criteria:

  • Active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest)
  • Loves taking and sharing pictures
  • Attends college, sporting events, music festivals, or other events where you think people might be interested in Americapes
  • Loves America

Are you interested? Let us know on the Contact Us page or email us directly at hello(at)americapes.com! Be sure to include links to your social media pages and let us know why you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador!

Happy Holidays!

Americapes Christmas TreeThe Americapes elves are hard-at-work getting things ready for our early 2016 launch so that this time next year you can have an Americapes American Flag Cape sitting under your tree. Be sure to follow along on social media for updates!

We just wanted to take a moment out of this busy holiday season to wish you and yours a very Happy Holidays!

– The Americapes Team